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Fourteen Great Products for every need

A.Sun Tan Lotion SPF-15
B.Dark Tanning Suntan Lotion SPF-4
C.Regular Tanning Oil
D.Max SPF-30
E.Royal Tanning Oil
F.Aloe After Sun
G.Aloe Lotion with Vitamin E
H.Baby Care SPF-25
I.Triple Protection SPF-45
J.Super Body Gel
K.Thermonuclear Oil
L.Kids Kare SPF-30
M.Baby Care SPF-45
N.Super Dark SPF-6

Benefits of our Sunscreen Fundraising Program
  • UNIQUE: Be the first to promote sun safety and enjoyment
  • Sunscreen products that everyone needs
  • Up to 50% profit!
  • Great Value (at $5 each, they cost LESS than chain store pricing)
  • Risk Free Flier program -  no inventory.
  • FREE shipping and handling!
  • No Minimum Purchases Requirement
  • Something for everyone ( 14 items --  SPF 4, 15, 30, 45 )
  • Every customer will receive a buy 1 get 1 free coupon with each purchase. Your group will receive $1.00  for every coupon that is redeemed.
  • Great for teams or outside meetings.
  • Encourages children and their families to think and be SunSmart!
Native Tan Catalog - Sunscreen and Sun tanning lotions
Playing in the sun - Protected by Native Tan Sunscreen and Sunblock lotions
Native Tan Sunscreen, Sunblock and Sun Tanning lotions
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Native Tan
UVA/UVB Skin Protection
& Sun Tanning Lotions
Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Native Tan SunscreenProducts
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