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Custom label Bottled Water - Healthy Fundraising
Custom label Bottled Water - Healthy Fundraising
FREE Water
100% Profit or more

  • With your personalized label you not only promote your group, you can also get your water for FREE
  • Simply get a few local businesses in your community to donate $100 or more. 
  • In return, you put their names on the bottle label.
  • They get great advertising; you make huge profits! 
  • The more spoonsors you get, the more profits you make
  • A real win-win deal!
Personalize your water with your group name, logo and information.
Custom labeled Bottled Water - Healthy Fundraising
Today, everyone buys bottled water.  Now with this Healthy Fundraising program, your supporters can buy it from you and support your worthy cause at the same time.  A true win-win fundraiser!

Our premium water is nothing but pure, clean, fresh water, without any additives.  Take it to school, work, on the playing field or anywhere you go. 
Refreshing Profit$
Custom Label Bottled Water!

Water Is The Healthiest Beverage On Earth!  Drink It Up!
100% PROFIT - Free Water Fundraiser
  • Your custom label with name and logo will promote your group or cause
  • Earn a minimum 40% profit
  • Possibility of getting your water for FREE
  • Free shipping in the contiguous 48 States
  • Great for Booster Clubs, Sports Teams, PTA's, field trips, etc..
  • Great as a fundraiser or to sell at concessions, meetings, events, vending machines, etc...
Benefits of a Custom Bottled Water Fundraiser
Sample Custom Label - Bonzai Volleyball Academy
Sample Label - We design it to meet your needs and include name, logo as well as sponsors

  • 1 Pallet = 70 Cases
  • 1 case = 24 Bottles (16.9 oz.)
  • Minimum Order = 1 Pallet
  • Sell for $1.00 Each (Or More!)
  • FREE SHIPPING in Contiguous 48 States
  • Earn $.40 - $.50 profit per bottle or MORE!
Refreshing Profit$
Custom Label Bottled Water!

Water Is The Healthiest Beverage On Earth!  Drink It Up!
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