A fundraising company with a positive difference!
A fundraising company with a positive difference!A fundraising company with a positive difference!A fundraising company with a positive difference!
A fundraising company with a positive difference!
Partners For Healthy Kids
"Helping Kids Grow Happy and Healthy"
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Partners for Healthy Kids is proud to help support the relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina.
Dream Believe Achieve inspirational wristbands
Custom Silicone Wristbands:  Create your own wristband to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Quick delivery time and very low cost.
Dream-Believe-Achieve Wristbands and inspirational card: Available immediately, our dream believe achieve wristbands can be sold to raise money, give hope and inspire victims not to give up on their dreams.  Now more than ever we need to hold on to our dreams, keep believing and striving to achieve our goals and dreams.
Silicone wristands - bracelets
Calling all Volleyball supporters:  We encourage all volleyball players, coaches, parents and supporters to purchase and sell these beautiful and unique volleyball wristbands and to donate the profits for the sale of the bands to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  this is a great way to promote the sport of volleyball while at the same time giving much needed aide to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Healthy Real Fruit Snacks: These delicious are convenient and practical for snacking, emergencies, traveling, etc..  Send them to Hurricane Katrina victims or sell them locally and send the profits to relief organizations.  Just another way you can help.
Silicone wristands - bracelets
Healthy Snacks Kettle Valley Real Fruit Leather
Customized Discount cards:  This is just another great way to raise a lot of money for the Katrina relief efforts.  We will help you create your own community card with terrific value for consumers.  Raise large sums of money quickly by selling  the cards for $10. $15 or $20s.  Supporters will be happy to purchase them as they will receive much more value than what they donate.
Discount Card - Healthy Fundraising
Scratch Card 90% profit
Scratch cards and Bears:  Two more great ways to raise money and give comfort. Scratch cards allow everyone to donate small or large amounts while at the same time receiving huge savings with customized coupons.

Choose from over 50 beautiful bears including, military, police, fireman, nurses, etc...  Cute an cuddly they will bring a smile to any face and help people feel good while the profits will support the victims of Hurricane Katrina..
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears
For more ways of raising money for your groups or Hurricane Katrina victims, please call us and we will be happy to help.  And remember, we will donate 10% of our profits to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, when you do a fundraiser with us.
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If you are looking for ways to help support those affected by Hurricane Katrina, we will be happy to offer you our fundraising products at even more deeply discounted prices.  In addition, we will contribute 10% of our profits from any fundraiser you do with us, for the purpose of supporting those that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.